Diasporic Memory:
Networked Memory Graph

"Diasporic Memory" is a web application which visualizes the database produced during my month-long study (read more about this study here).

The resulting network graph, dubbed "Diasporic Memory", was created to illustrate the connections between the audio recordings. Each node represents an audio segment from a participant, and the edges represent a link between segments. The "Diasporic Memory" debuted at the 2022 Digital Futures Thesis Exhibition (Dual Exposure) and has been featured at GRADEX 107.

Please note that the graph works best on desktop.

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  • Joyce Tshiyoyo
  • Yvonne Mpwo
  • Philippe Kakana
  • Patricia Kanana Mwenda
  • Kahmaria Pingue
  • Solange L Tungu
  • Candide Uyanze

Source Code

View the source code here: https://github.com/Digitized-Diasporic-Memory/Memory-Graph 

Network graph illustration